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Give Thanks for Coupons!
by Mary, published November 20th, 2012
In Grocery Coupons

It's happened again... You've had images of a cornucopia of turkey, mashed potatoes and apples pies dancing around in your head for months now and suddenly it's a couple days before Thanksgiving and your fridge is still empty! For those of you who have waited until the last minute to gather your Thanksgiving Day feast, here's something for you to be thankful for: a cornucopia of coupons!

Candied Sweet Potato Casserole
by Mary, published November 6th, 2012
In Grocery Coupons, Online Coupons, Recipes

Thanksgiving is still a couple weeks away, there's always time to get my Thanksgiving Day menu together later... until it's two hours before guests arrive and I'm fighting for a parking spot at the grocery store because I'm missing an ingredient and I forgot the dessert! Sound familiar? If you're like me, and your cornucopia is still empty, the time to start stocking your fridge for the big event begins now!


I know, I know. Halloween hasn't even passed yet and I'm already talking about the other holidays to come. But as I was scrapping the first layer of frost off my windshield this morning I thought, the only thing that will make this better is to think about all the festivities that come with these frigid temperatures! So, without forgetting about Halloween, I've rounded up some fun DIY holiday decorations to keep yourself occupied for the next several months to come. After all, you'll probably be spending a lot more time indoors. Enjoy!

Freshness That Won't Fade!
by Mary, published October 11th, 2012
In Samples, Pillsbury

Is there anything better that putting on a sweater straight from the dryer? Or climbing into a bed of freshly cleaned sheets? I think not. I try to keep the fresh scent from fading by piling in the dryer sheets but sadly, it never lasts more than a couple days. So how can I keep my laundry smelling clean all the way until the next wash?